Free Diving Courses

Apnea Academy

  • •Apnea Academy First Level represents the first approach to free-diving with a complete basic equipment.

  • The course’s objective is to attain controlled free-diving by applying relaxation and breathing techniques in order to reach the following performance targets:

1'45" static apnea

30 m dynamic

8 m depth


Apnea Academy

  • Apnea Academy Second Level is an advanced stage aiming to improve the relaxation and breathing techniques by taking advantage of the experience acquired in the first level in order to reach the following performances:

2'30" static

55 m dynamic

15 m depth.


Apnea Academy

  • Apnea Academy Third Level is the highest award for a free diver. By perfecting aquaticity skills, via mental and technical training, the free diver will be able to reach:

3' static

70 m dynamic

25 m depth