Christina Karatzaferi PhD

  • Dr. Christina Karatzaferi is a Professor at the School of Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Thessaly, Greece with a specialty in Exercise Physiology.  Her scientific career begun at the University of Athens where she was awarded a BSc in the field of exercise sciences and coaching.  After she completed her postgraduate and PhD studies in the field of Exercise Physiology in the United Kingdom, she moved initially to the University of Edinburgh (where she worked with strength & power conditioning expert Dr Mike Stone) and later to the University of California San Francisco in USA in order to specialize in aspects related to muscle fatigue and mechanics. She returned to Europe in 2004 with a academic position at the University of Thessaly. Dr. Karatzaferi leads BSc and Master modules in Exercise Rehabilitation, Exercise for Health and Military Fitness programs including “Exercise Performance and Survival in Extreme Conditions”, “Sports First Aid” and “Exercise Testing”. She heads the Muscle Physiology and Mechanics research group.

  • She has translated and edited to Greek the book of Lawrence Armstrong “Performing in Extreme Environments” and is a lead author in many scientific papers and book chapters in exercise physiology.

  • Since 2006 Dr. Karatzaferi is a certified Life Guard Instructor. She has been awarded the second level of the International Apnea Academy course and  enjoys spearfishing during the summer months.