Dr. Apnea's Invited Lectures 

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  • Apnea training for Lifeguards - 1st National Lifeguard Conference 2008

  • Physiological and somatometric characteristics of the Free Diver - AIDA Annual Scientific Lecture 2010

  • How to keep your fitness level during sea training - AIDA Annual Scientific Lecture 2012

  • Hypercapnic and Hypoxic exercise training in water sports - 1st National Aquatic Conference 2013

  • Under Pressure: How does our body function under water - 4th International Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise 2014

  • Training Tips for Spearfishing - Deepex 2015

  • Advance Exercise Training for competitive free diving -  AIDA Annual Scientific Lecture 2015

  • Seminar: Pulmonary Physiology and Lung Function Tests – the “Free Divers’ Essentials” - Workshop: Title of the Workshop: Pulmonary Function measurements; AIDA Individual Depth World Championship 2015 (to be announced)