•  Dr. Apnea’s services include online personal coaching and customized training sessions designed to meet every athletes’ aims, abilities and schedule. This is the first online private and group coaching training service dedicated to apnea disciplines.


  • Dr. Apnea’s head coach is Dr. Giorgos Sakkas, a University Professor, Free Diving Instructor, National Team Captain and National Recordman. 


  • Our supporting team invests time and effort through validated instruments and procedures to assess an athletes’ true potential.

We evaluate an athletes training history and current fitness status, as well as perceived obstacles and fears and true strengths and weaknesses, to gauge mental and physical limitations.

We understand free divers’ values and their needs and guide them to their dream performance.


  • Dr. Apnea’s team lives in the real world – our services allow for customized training programs that integrate smoothly into an athlete’s life.